How to Register

1. Prepare passport and work permit for registration. Then open the application and Press “Sign In”

2. Enter your mobile number and Press “Next”

3. Fill in 6 digits of OTP number

4. Press “Register”

5. Choose “Foreigner” and press “Scan Passport”

6. Ensure that your passport photo is not blur and clearly see the information and press “Next”

7. Remove glasses, hat and mask then press “Take Selfie”

8. After scanning, blink eyes twice

9. Choose & fill as an example shown here. A must choose words are shown in red frame

10. Fill all the required fields and then press “Next”

11. Choose your work permit type

12. Press “Take photo of document”

13. Ensure that your passport photos are not blur and clearly see the information and press “Use this photo”

14. You can upload more photos by press “Add more photos”. If not press “Submit” (For pink card, please take photos of both side)

15. Enter your email and password. If you don’t have one, press no-email and then press “Next”

16. TrueMoney Wallet registration is completed. Please wait for approval. You will receive the notify SMS for the registration result.

How to Set Pin

1. Click “Sign in”

2. Choose “No pin”

3. Fill in Passport No. and then click “no pin”

4. Fill in “OTP”

5. Set the new password

6. Successfully set pin TrueMoney wallet is ready to use.

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